The submission period for entries runs from 9 June 2017 to 23 June 2017 at midnight.
In order to participate, please take note of the following criteria:
• It is the responsibility of the entrant to give accurate and detailed information about his/her skin concern as well as disclose any medical information that may impact the results. This is for his/her safety and to ensure optimal results.
• The selected candidate will be given a custom routine as well as detailed skincare regimes to follow. During the time of use, the candidate will agree to comply with the routine and not deviate from it.
• The selected candidate must have a cell phone with a camera and video functionality, as he/she will be asked to document his/her progress. The organiser (Eau Thermale Avène) will provide the selected candidate with mobile data for this purpose as well as best-practice guidelines.
• The selected candidate must make themselves available to travel to key locations for filming and photography from July to September 2017. The organiser will, as far as reasonably possible, arrange the most convenient time and place for this, with the minimum expense to the candidate.
• The selected candidate gives Eau Thermale Avène and DRUM permission to use any material collected during the initiative for marketing and promotional purposes.
• In the case of teenage candidates, permission will be required from parents/legal guardians to participate.
You only need to submit your entry once, as the selection will take place based on the first entry received and not by random draw.
Candidates will be selected based on information and pictures provided. The professional opinion of a dermatologist will also be used in the selection process. Shortlisted candidates may be contacted to supply further information. The final candidate selected will be at the discretion of Eau Thermale Avène in collaboration with a dermatologist. Should you not have received any communication regarding your entry by 30 June 2017, it means you weren’t selected.
In addition to a supply of products for two months of the initiative, selected candidates will be provided with an additional three months’ worth of maintenance products, as per the regime prescribed at the beginning of the initiative.
Staff and their families of Media24 and the sponsor may not enter. Selected candidates will be notified telephonically. If a selected candidate can’t be reached within three calls during business hours, a new candidate will be chosen. Media24 and the prize sponsor take no responsibility for any damage caused by entering or taking part in this initiative. Products are non-transferable and may not be exchanged for cash.
By submitting your entry, you consent to occasionally receive promotional material from Media24 and Eau Thermale Avène.